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For the launch of my Kickstarter, I need a stand-out project video. This could be the first and last impression for many people, so I want this to represent SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES as well as I can - showcasing the gameplay and artistic direction in the best possible light.

From the last trailer I made, I learnt two key things; record at the best resolution possible, and check your production pipeline from end to end before recording and editing the whole trailer. Last time, I had the horrible realisation afterwards that the quality wasn't as good as I thought, which was very frustrating.

This time, I tested the process from start to finish - recording, cutting, editing, exporting, and then uploading to Youtube. I was very happy to see that I was able to capture, edit, and upload 1080p video. My laptop is around 9 years old, so I didn't know if I'd be able to get this footage at all.

Below is the outcome of a week's testing and tweaking:

Getting there! There are still quite a few artifacts, so somewhere in the pipeline I was losing quality. Good to catch this at the beginning!

UNFORTUNATELY: my computer did not like this.

The video card has given up. I wrote this post from my work computer, which I am very grateful to be able to use; but it has an even worse video setup than the other machine and there is no way for me to capture good footage from it.

I'm not quite sure what to do now. One thing that is for sure is that this is going to delay things.

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