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this site contains flashing imagery

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make everything flash
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website update!!!

After some feedback last week I decided to make a couple of small changes to my website to make it more accessible. People were concerned that the flashing elements might be dangerous for people with epilepsy. On the first visit to the site, there'll be a little warning message that lets you know about the flashing and optionally disable it. The site remembers your choice so that if you come back* need not have to select this again. I've added a little button at the top right to let you switch between the two modes.

The new warning. You might have seen it ;)

Fortunately, with the browser testing work I had done previously the styling side of this had already been taken care of, as I'd already styled a good-looking fallback so that browsers without CSS animations would still look good, so it was just a case of making it so you could turn them off!

A fun bonus that came from doing this is that for your first visit I can soft-load the header behind the warning, giving the cat and it's trail time to load before it flies in from the bottom-right.

* when you come back, RIGHT? ;)

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