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Another update! Yesterday's update was distinctly lacking in visuals, so today I'll show off the latest new visual effects that I've been working on!

I've created a new background effect, I'm not sure what contextual meaning this might have yet - but it looks pretty awesome!

Woooooooo [high res]

This effect was created by creating a series of circles at the player, which then slowly move towards the centre of the screen. I was hoping this would look like you were travelling through a tube (it doesn't) but I'm really interested in how it turned out anyway! Sometimes happy accidents are more interesting than the effect you were looking for - it's important to reflect on what it is you're doing all the time just in case you stumble across something better!

With a little more experimentation - I changed up the colour palette and frequency of the circle creation - which really changed the feel of the effect!

These colours are slightly off full saturation, which looks a bit softer underneath the action [high res]

I like each version so much that I might just keep both as variants! As you may have read before - I love trying to preserve as much variety as possible to keep the experience as fresh as possible for the player. The artifacts on the image above are not seen in game.

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